Healthcare Setting Certification

Healthcare Settings must be certified in the AVEED REMS Program and have at least one certified prescriber associated with the facility to be able to order, receive, or administer AVEED.

To become certified in the AVEED REMS Program, an Authorized Representative of the Healthcare Setting must do the following:

  • You can complete the training and enrollment online by creating an account below, or by downloading the print version of the training and faxing your enrollment form into the AVEED REMS Program at 1-855-755-0495.
  • Please note, a certified healthcare setting must recertify if a new Authorized Representative is designated.
  • All healthcare providers at the healthcare setting must be certified prior to prescribing AVEED.
  • Non-Prescribing Healthcare Providers who will administer AVEED to patients must review the AVEED REMS Education for Healthcare Providers before injecting AVEED.